Goals and Targets for Quarter 2 2017

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing well with your blogs and till now generating quite good amount of money from your blogs. If not, then don’t worry. I am here to solve your problems regarding rankings, and making money online from a blog. I am writing this, after getting inspired by Stuart Walker’s post about ‘Progress and Growth Report‘. :)
From several weeks, I wasn’t active on this blog and that was one of my big mistakes in terms of money. Although, I’ve learned many new things, which I  will be sharing with you all in future through this blog.
During the first quarter of 2017, 
I was working on some micro niche blogs and some simple niche Adsense based blogs. Since I’ve learned many new things regarding ranking a blog, I am now going to make this blog active again and share all the methods I’m using to rank my niche blogs at the top of Google within days, hours, or even minutes.
I was working for some businesses, as an SEO specialist and for paid marketing for them. You can checkout about my service here if you want.

Goals and Targets for 2nd quarter of 2015

  • To get the blog to 25,000+ Unique visits for the next 3 months.
  • Lowering the bounce rate to 50% from 67%
  • Increasing average session duration from 2 mins 11 secs to 4 mins+
  • To generate profit of 1500$+ per month from this blog.
  • Growing my E-mail list to 1200 Subscribers.
  • Working on Affiliate monetization.
  • Networking with other bloggers.
  • Starting guest posting campaigns on several big blogs.
  • To get a new design for this blog.
  • Making a sales funnels, which makes money on Auto Pilot.

To Increase unique visitors

This is one of the foremost need of any blogger, everyone needs good amount of traffic. So that, they can convert their visitors at a good rate.
Along with it, I also want to strenghten my audience base and want to make this blog big. Although, 25k+ unique visits isn’t a big task but I’ll not set any big targets which I willn’t be able to achieve within next 3 months.

Lowering bounce rate

Traffic is coming, but what if someone isn’t able to engage that traffic with their content. This is a great nightmare I can think of. That’s why, I’ve also decided to take care of my bounce rate as well.
Currently my bounce rate is 67% and I will try to get it under 50% within next 3 months.

Increasing session duration

There are some people who just comes to this blog, without reading content, they do comment for building a link. After that, they leave this blog. I am removing Commentluv plugin from this blog now, and will target only the audience which will be highly targeted and will have interest in what I’m going to write on this blog.

Maximizing Profit

Only sometimes, I talk about profit. I usually don’t public my income streams and income through my niche blogs, but now as this is a blogging niche blog and I’ve to develop a bond with you. I will try to tell you, how’s my blog going on, and how much I am generating with it.
Currently I’m only generating 100$ with this blog, as I am not working on this blog. But, in next 3 months, my target is to take this blog to a level where it’ll be generating 1500$ per month through different monetization methods.
Note : Profit from niche blogs are much ahead of this 1500$ per month and those things doesn’t take much time. This is a blogging related blog and takes time to grow ;)

Growing my E-mail list

E-mail list is one of the biggest asset which you all can use to generate income online. One of the guy I know is ‘Ankur Agarwal‘, he is generating 5 figures income online per month only by promoting his products to his E-mail list.
Inspired by him and Stuart walker from Niche hacks I’ve also decided to build my email list. My target is to attain 1200 subscribers at a rate of 5% conversion rate by the end of these 3 months.

Working on affiliate monetization strategies

Till now, I was only working with ‘Google Adsense’, but from now I’ll try to dig for some other monetization strategies, on which I’ll work in future. Moreover, for now I’ve decided to give my whole attention to Affiliate Marketing.

Networking and Bloggers Outreach

In past, I wasn’t networking with other blogger. Although, I was solving their doubts but was not trying to promote me and make a bond between us.
From now, I’ll start bloggers outreach and will try to connect with more and more bloggers in this niche.

Starting Guest posting campaigns

Guest posting is one of the best way to build backlinks and to get traffic to blog. Till now I wasn’t doing guest blogging to generate traffic. But after some weeks, I will start that too.
Although, I will not only focus on building backlinks while doing guest post. Instead, I will focus to get more traffic by building relationship and connecting with that target blog audience.

New design for this blog

I am looking for a good designer who can design good theme for my blog. This is also one of my Goal for this blog. Not big to be discussed about.

A sales funnel for passive income

Sales funnel, I’m always dreaming of and want to make which will let me make more and more money if done right. I’ll pitch some products and will make funnel which could capture leads or targeted buyers for those products for me.


At last, I would like to say I just want to grow this blog like hell. I want to help other people’s who will connect with me through this blog.