17 Actionable Strategies to Boost Social Sharing

How are you?
After publishing your post, how many social shares you get? Imagine if you could get 500+ shares just after publishing your post and see boost in traffic.
There are some bloggers getting ‘1000+ Shares’ for a Single post.
What are they doing that you don’t know?
Here, In this post I’ve compiled 7 strategies that’ll help you in getting more social shares.

Creating List posts

Creating List posts increases Social Shares along with Search engine rankings.
Suppose you’re creating a List post(17 ways), describing each and every sub topic with key points. The visitors coming to your blog will be confused with so many strategies for doing a thing at a place. At last, he’ll bookmark your blog post.
If you don’t know let me tell you, book-marking is a great Google Ranking factor. In addition, if you’re providing quality. The audience coming to your blog will definitely share it.

Bloggers Outreach

Ever heard of it? Let me tell you. Blogger Outreach is the best way to get connected with the Best influencer in your niche. Have you ever checked the post at Boost blog traffic about Bloggers Outreach : Best Way to boost traffic and relationship by Brian Dean?
If not then I’ll recommend you to go and check out that post. After learning about ‘Bloggers Outreach’, you’ll be able to connect with other bloggers, get your content shared, get guest post ideas and much more. If you’re one of those struggling to get traffic from Social media with your fan base after writing best articles, then you’re at the right place 
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Using Social Shares Buttons

Nobody wants to copy the link of the post, go to their social network then Share it. Everyone wants a quick way(an Icon) by clicking on which your content will be shared over their network.
There are several plugins available for wordpress to display social icons on your blog page. You can use them. Using Social shares button below post title helps in boosting the rate of social shares.(The place where every one see). For me, ‘Digg Digg’ plugin is working at it’s best. You can also try it. It’s free and awesome.

Posting in a Conversational Tone

Hey, How are you?
How was your day?
Using a conversational tone like listed above can boost the number and comments. In addition, people share such posts more as compared to simple one’s.
Don’t agree with me? Just try it in your next post and come back here to share your thoughts(Meanwhile you can bookmark the page). If you’re not good at English then start reading other’s blogs, books etc. written in English language. This’ll surely help you to boost your conversational skills(and writing too). I am also trying to improve 

Creating Controversial Content

Every thing all right? I don’t think so, there are many people which are violating your niche(topic).
Post about them in a controversial tone. Some people might de-list your blog from their reading list but many will come. ;) Suppose you’re blogging on Politics Niche and someone is giving bad speeches(Controversial) then you can make it an issue and post about it on your blog.
Same applies in all the niche. Whether it is Blogging, tech, politics or anything else.

Click to Tweet Option/Image

Ever read the post about Actionable List building strategies by Brian Dean? While going through the post, I observed some images like ‘Tweet this list building Technique’.
Believe it or not, when I tried it on my tech Niche blog. It’s social traffic increased by more than 70% and share’s increased by 40%(Twitter) but I don’t have a strong fan base on twitter.
You can also see in the post, Brian has added floating social buttons which will help readers to tweet or share the content any time they want to.
If you think “I’m not using *Particular social network* then I can’t get traffic from that *Social network name*” then you’re absolutely wrong. I too had the same doubt about pinterest, but when I added image pin buttons, My traffic was increased. Not much, but still something is better than nothing. Ain’t it? What are your views, leave them in the comment section below.

Sharing Expert Interviews

Suppose you’re a blogger under *XYZ* niche, you’ve contacted the biggest influencer/Star of that area for an Interview. He/She accepted your request and answered all your questions which you posted on your blog. The Influencer will try to let his/her followers to know more about him/her and he/she will share the interview with them. A quick help in increasing traffic.
Err, Only traffic?
The Influencer who had shared your blog has some friends/followers who will also share it. Isn’t it Great? If you need to know more ideas about traffic building and how to take expert Interviews then read this post – “Flood of Traffic – Tips from My Personal Desk” or else you can sign up to our E-mail list for perfect traffic building strategies.
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Experts Round-up Posts

It’s also kinda expert interview post, but in this you’ll be asking many bloggers to discuss about a topic on your blog. If they’ll agree with you, you can send over your questions to them.
Always be sure to mention in the mail, “I have mailed to X,Y,Z bloggers and got reply from X,Y or anything else.” (Replace name for X,Y,Z). They’ll be more likely to answer you once you’ll list the names of the bloggers to whom you have mailed to. ;)  If you’re not getting reply from them, don’t get angry. They are big guys, they’ve other works too ;) Wait for it or do a quick mail like:-
Hey, It’s been so long. I am waiting for your reply.
That’s it, Checkout this Expert Round-up post by Nirmala Mam to get a quick idea of what I am talking about.
If you want to know how to create Interview and Expert round-up posts then checkout this post by Mi Muba from Be a Money blogger – 9 types of interview blog post and how to create them

Sharing InfoGraphics

Sharing data in visual images which includes significant facts and figures is called Info-graphics. When someone posts Info-graphic, chances are people will bat an eye on it 85% more. Studies have shown, Sharing Info-graphics leads to 76% more Social shares.
Check here how one of my friend Vinay Goud increased a blog traffic from 10 to 3000 visitors per day just by one Info-graphic within a month. You can check here – 5 Benefits of Sharing Info-graphics. Checkout the picture given below, in order to get a clean idea of how Info-graphic can help you(How much you can grow).

Share Others Posts

If you’ll help someone, he/she will also do the same. Isn’t it? Just try it, Today go out and help your friend, relatives or anyone and he/she will give it to you back. Just like this, If you’ll share others post, others will share your’s. On your social network profiles, Share others articles. In your blog post, share other people’s post. Maintain relationship with them and that’s it. You’ll get shared everywhere on the web.

Be Active in Blogging Communities

There are many communities on the web for Bloggers, Internet marketers etc. Just be active there, other bloggers will connect with you. They’ll read your post, comment on it and will share it. Some of the blogging communities are Blogengage, Kingged, Getblogtraffic.net etc.
I can’t say about Getblogtraffic, but Kingged and Blogengage are really awesome. Check them out, many-many awesome activities are going on there which will attract your mind. Share valuable posts in such communities and get visitors to your blog easily without doing anything.

Eye Catching Headlines

Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh and 6 others are F.A.K.E bloggers!
Look, Isn’t the title given above looks eye Catching? Yeah it is, When I first say this articleI was like..What the hell Enstine has posted. Checkout this post if you want to know How Fake Bloggers like Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh, Lisa Buben are.
Creating Eye Catching headlines will attract more people to your blog post and will generate more social shares to your blog post. It increases the chances of a user to share the content by 34%.

If you can’t do it First, do it Best

Suppose you’re sharing about ‘SEO Guide for 2014′, 1000 of people’s have shared before you. Ain’t it? So, what will the readers get if they visit your blog? ‘What they have read 100 of times before’? or are you going to offer something new? Write whatever you wantbut ‘at it’s best’. Don’t just write because you meant to make money out of it. Some days ago, I had asked Neil patel for interview and I asked him a question:-
Me : How you are able to maintain the number of blogs you have in your busy schedule?  
Neil : I am really passionate about writing so I just make time
This Explains everything. I have seen guys telling that, they don’t have time to write. They were able to find time, once they dumped this stupid excuse from their life. So, you don’t have time to write? Like other Fortunate people do have?… Think about it.
Don’t wait for the perfect time or the perfect life. Write with 5 kids asking you a thousand questions if you have to. (But do pause to answer their questions now and then.)
~Amanda Schwabe
Check it out : Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor : Neil patel Sharing his Success Story

Link to Others

Linking to other fellow bloggers in your post will definitely grab their attention. They’ll come to your blog and will share it to their audience.  I don’t think, I need to explain this topic any more. Isn’t it? If you have any doubts regarding this, you can ask in comment section below.

Create Content that is Worth Sharing

You are writing, writing and writingactually you’re not writing on your own. You’re just Rehashing ideas from other blog posts and writing it in your own words. Warning : Doing this can kill your blog. Readers want something they’ll love to share with their networks. Consider yourself reading a post. Will you share the most posted article on the web like “How to get more likes on facebook” or an article like “Facebook : Facts and figures about the Best Social Media”.
Before you write, fall in love with your reader again. See them enjoying your words.
Mike Loomis

Create Conversation and Use the word ‘You’ and ‘I’

Try to talk with your readers. You can use the words like ‘You’ and ‘I’. This will create conversational tone and will boost ‘reader’s attention and engagement’. The Title is quite self explaining. If you will use ‘You’ in your post more then the reader will feel special and think you’re giving more attention to them. It will convert them and they’ll become your blog subscribers easily.

Create a Perfect Plan – Don’t get too Engaged

Being a blogger, writer, Internet marketer and not having a perfect strategy for your work is like a nightmare. You will end up wasting your time on Social networking sites like Facebook or twitter. Whenever you get up in the morning, try to have a note of what will you do the whole day. Let’s say, First you will concentrate on writing a minimum of 1000 number of wordsafter that you will promote it on X,Y,Z(X,Y,Z are the places where you will promote your posts) or anything else related to work should be in your list. Making and working with a plan will definitely boost your presence of mind.
At the same time, I have seen many people who are convinced by opening many tabs in their Browser. It only satisfies them, that they are working but it isn’t the truth. Such people only think they are working but, they will only check different-different tabs which will annoy and divert mind from work. 


The whole strategy to get more social shares is by analysing your readers and followers. After analysing, you need to present the type of content which suits them the best. You should share useful, humorous, Interesting and Actionable content. After that, promote your content like a boss. That’s it. Do it massively to get best results.
These are 17 strategies you can implement daily in your blog to get more social shares. Leave your views, doubts and queries in the comment section below. I am here just to help you all.