5 Simple Strategies to Start Perfect Link building Campaign

As SEO Experts, we all know how hard ‘Link Building is and profiting from it also. For getting success in it, we should be having a perfect plan to execute our link building campaign. If you think you’re struggling with your Link building strategies then checkout this post – Link Building Secrets, or else if you’ve identified best strategies which you’re going to use then you can execute the plan which I will be going to discuss in this post.
If you’re owning a business and want to grow it through a blog then ‘Link building must not be in one of your ‘Mundane Task‘. You should be employing it completely to grow your blog traffic. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post.
If you want to avoid Penguin penalty on your blog then start implementing the following topics which are discussed below:

Proper Anchor Text Ratio

While building links, maintain a 60-40% Ratio with your brand name links and links carrying other anchor texts. Penguin update penalizes blogs/website whose major number of links are not pointing with their brand name as the Anchor text. By Name and by blog name, so the Anchor texts while building backlinks should look like the screenshot given below to avoid penalty and to increase Domain Authority:

Specific Link Velocity

Suppose you’ve built 5 links today and then 10 links the day after tomorrow, after that you stopped building links. This can harm your blog growth. You should maintain a specific link velocity as a major part of your Link building campaign. It’s not a big topic, what you just need to understand is:
If you’re creating 5 links today, then tomorrow you should build more than 5. As the number of days increases, increase the number of links. Believe me, doing this is not punishable in the eyes of Google. Start from today, and daily increase the number of links you’re building. But, the links you’re building should be from Relevant sites otherwise expect a tight slap from Google very soon.
This post at ClickDo got my attention, every SEO should read it to get better ROI from their SEO projects. Must Check -> SEO in 2016 : The best Approach

Links from relevant Sites

Everybody knows, Google punishes websites/blog which are having links from non-relevant sites. While building links, make sure it is looking natural and the links should be from Relevant sites. If they aren’t relevant, then give a proper description like given below:
Hey I totally agree with you(Changeable). Check here the Best ways to Increase Social Shares.
After that, you can expect quite good rankings. But, the taste of Relevant sites is really awesome. Links from such sites have 5-10x more power than the links from Non-relevant sites. Relevancy is one of the Ranking factor introduced by Google. Have you ever thought why your authority and rankings increase when someone link back to your blog post naturally? Because, those links are relevant and the visitors coming from such links are engage-able.

Tiered Link building : Build’s trust and Authority

Whenever I get time I discuss about it. Whenever I am on Google Hangouts or skype discussing about SEO and Link building, I discuss about Tiered Link building. This thing is really benefiting and has crazy results if done the right way. You need to pitch some blogs you will be going to Guest post on. After selecting blogs, write articles on them and interlink those articles with each other(Different-different blogs). After that, find the blogs having high authority in this list and link to your blog from those. This will pass all the link juice from different blogs/websites to your blog. Try it, a Complex structure of what I am trying to convey is given below. You can check it out.

Analysing your’s and Competitor’s links

Maybe, you are going to face Google’s penalty in coming time? Someone can do ‘Negative SEO’ on your blog/website. To protect yourself and your blog from Negative SEO, you must analyse your link profile regularly and keep yourself updated. If you’ve found anything suspicious like:
  • Links from Adult Site.
  • Links from Non-Relevant site.
  • Links with Adult anchor text.
  • Links with Anchor text not resembling your brand.
If you’re seeing any of these things while analysing your link profile then you need to worry. You can use the Google Disavow tool to make those type of links non-effective. But, always remember : Use Google Disavow tool in worst scenarios. It’s not recommended to use.
Analyse backlinks of other bloggers who are your competitor’s. Check what they’re doing to build links. Different people have different ways of build links. You can get benefited if you could find a good Link building strategy from other’s blog Link profile.


There are many aspects which you need to work on while building links, main 5 are discussed here. Building backlinks with brand name as an anchor text will not led to website penalization. If you’re building links with anchor text not resembling to your brand name, accept a penalty soon. You can’t find the perfect time, when you will execute your Link building plan. This is the time, use it, analyse your blog and rock. Waiting to hear from you in the comment section below.