5 Techniques I Used To Hit The Charts of My Social Media Traffic

Those days are gone when you shared your content on Facebook and it reaches to most of the audience of your page. Facebook has made it limited, now only a small percent of audience will see your posts on their news feeds.
Though there are many tactics which you can use to push your content to reach to most of the audience and get the best out of it. There are many social media sites which you can use to promote your content but it will be foolishness to try out each and every social media site which will ultimately led to time waste. I mainly concentrate to drive traffic from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
The number of people using such sites is increasing day by day, so you shouldn’t refuse to use them. You can follow the tactics given below to increase your blog traffic overtime:-

Interact with your Readers

Suppose you’re into affiliate marketing and want to get good sales. Will it be possible without interacting to your readers? Your readers need good support and value. If you will interact with them, they will feel special and will give twice the amount(you’re giving as time) to you.
Try to make your audience feel special by giving them time. You can imply this rule everywhere, in your blog comments too.

Be Active on Social Media

Ah, Does any one have told you that without being active you can attract traffic from Social media? If yes, then he/she is totally wrong. Without giving suitable time to each social site which you’re targeting you cannot get more traffic from Social sites.
Still their are many person’s who think that, the time being active on social media is directly proportional to traffic. It’s wrong, if you’re giving more time to social sites like Facebook then it’ll attract you more which will divert your mind from work. Try avoiding social sites if you’re having blog which has good Search engine potential. ;)

Don’t Schedule Posts

Many people say that schedule your posts on social media to save your time. They are right, but only at the point to save your time. If you want to get more traffic, especially from Facebook then scheduling posts can result in being a big nightmare for you.
At sites like Facebook, scheduled posts reaches less number of people as compared to Normal posts. This will also help you to figure out what’s going on their and maybe you will get some thing to learn ;)
When I schedule posts on Facebook then it brings me 75-80% less traffic as compared to normal posts. If you’re scheduling posts on Facebook then now try to post directly to Facebook. This will actually bring more traffic as compared to scheduled ones.

Target Sites Which Really Helps you

Wasting your time on sites which is not giving you more traffic as compared to other, then leave that site. Wasting your time will give you nothing. Target those sites only which are give more click through rate. This will help you to get to more traffic without wasting much time and straightening your social base on that particular website. Ain’t it? What are your views? Leave them in the comment section below.

Increase Followers and keep experimenting

Always experiment new things, maybe your follower don’t like what you’re sharing. When you post about a trend then chances you will end up getting 70% more traffic. Make your followers count rising instead of remaining the same. Whenever you’re doing Guest post, try to link back to your Google+ profile and Facebook profile in the author Bio instead of linking to your website.(Link to your website inside post, Good blogs will definitely allow this). Enlarging your followers count will build trust among your readers, will bring more traffic and more fame ;)

Last Words

There are many more ways which you can use to drive more social media traffic. Be consistent with it and always try to connect with influencers in your niche. Share their posts and get shares. Build authority and always try to explain everything to your readers. Share information which will be loved by your readers.
Love your blog and what you’re doing, don’t lose faith if you’re not getting Good social media traffic. If you aren’t using the strategies mentioned above then implement them and see visitors flowing through your blog.
At current, I am mainly using Facebook for referral traffic. Not giving any time to Google+, twitter and others and below is the screenshot of social media traffic till now in just 2 months :) Thanks for the Support Guys.

That’s all, you can leave your views in the comment section below. If you’ve any doubts then don’t forget to ask, I am here to help you.