Advanced Tips To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog Like A Boss

Alexa is a factor many people look at and determine the blog traffic and traffic after checking alexa rank. You should Increase Alexa Rank. If you are working hard to get your alexa rank down and still not getting good results then this post is for you, read this till the end and you will get my alexa ranking secrets and some tips i have used to decrease my alexa rank.
Alexa depends on several measures which i will be discussing in this post, i hope that you will learn some tips here and do share this post with your friends because sharing is caring, that’s why i am goint to share this with you 

What is Alexa Rank

Alexa is a web information comapny. They are the reason for the rankings of each and every website or blog all over the world according to it’s popularity. Alexa Rank gets updated daily.

Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

So here i am presenting a list of techniques which you can use to get good alexa rank, some i have used on this blog and some i have tried on my different blog “Fulltechtricks” where now only tech based articles are shared. Coming to the point, here is tips you can implement to increase alexa rank and get good alexa rank in less time!

Top Secret : Niche

My blog’s niche is blogging and seo, so the major visitors i get are from Bloggers and webmasters who have installed Alexa toolbar in their PC. Frankly speaking, If you are getting 100 visitors having Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers then it is better than 1000 visitors without alexa toolbar.
This is because alexa mainly counts the visitors who passes through their systems (the one’s who have alexa toolbar). So what you can do is, try to convince your visitors to install alexa toolbar, if you are not working on a blogging niche blog. This is my simple advice for you.

Traffic from Various Sources

I am trying to increase traffic from various social networks mainly Google+ and Facebook which helps in quick alexa boost. Now the main point, many people are asking me how are you driving traffic from Facebook. I tell them i am not driving much traffic from facebook now, nearly 400-450 visits a day only. Everyday they asks me how? So here is a tip, which is working for many bloggers and can work also for you.
You can check the screenshot mentioned above, you can see that i have got a number of potential readers after posting this on my Facebook timeline. I Got some targeted readers who are waiting to read this post, so when i will be going to sahre the post link, it will be going to explode with traffic from Facebook.
And for gaining traffic from Google+ i don’t do any such things, i have joined some communities which are good to me and are giving me fellow readers and engagement on my post. I just go there and share my posts. Make sure the post you are sharing are really helping others and I share my post on some blogging communities like Kingged and getblogtraffic which gives loyal readers and good commentators.

Install Alexa Widget

Alexa widget gives a link back to alexa which helps in increasing alexa rank of your blog, i will not recommend you to use alexa widget on your blog instead link back to them in a single post where you will find it preferable. As i don’t like to see that shitty box in a corner of my blog, you can also check I haven’t installed alexa widget on my blog 

Install Alexa Toolbar

Whenever you will visit your blog after installing alexa widget it will get counted and your alexa rank will decrease, This will not give too much effect but from my point of view each penny matters 

Build Backlinks

You can see a box “Sites linking in” in alexa toolbar, alexa also counts the number of sites linking to your blog, more the number of blogs you have link, the good is the alexa rank. So start link building and increase alexa rank in less time.
If you don’t know how to create backlinks then don’t worry i will also share about it in future meanwhile read this post about the seo secrets your blogging mentor is hiding from you where i have also shared some link building ways. I will talk about those ways in future 

Claim Your Site

Claiming your blog on alexa can too have a impact on alexa rank specially for new blogs. Get your blog claimed today on alexa and increase alexa rank easily. (Beginners Tip)
If you have any doubts regarding increasing alexa rank and want to clear any of these tips about increase alexa rank, then you can comment below. I am here to help you all.