Flood of traffic – tips from my personal desk

It’s been not so long I had started blogging, till now I have faced many ups and downs in my blogging career, those things tried to derail my mind. I used to give 3 hours a day, trying to build traffic from social media sites like facebook. At that time, i didn’t know what can i do to attract traffic. I used to comment on big pages post like given below:-
Isn’t it cheap? Yeah i know it is, at that time i was not building any community to market my content, not doing any other type of content promotion and the main thing is, the traffic i was getting was not targeted. Then I started learning SEO and traffic building, frankly speaking i haven’t learned traffic building from reading other’s blog. I have been experimenting things from last 6 months and now i am up with some crazy stuff, using these strategies you will be able to build your blog traffic easily within days.
So today, i will be going to tell you about some traffic building strategies which will help you grow your organic, referral as well as direct traffic. Remember, to get success in anything you have to do hardwork, without it you can’t achieve high traffic.
So let’s see, the things which are working for me will work for you or not.
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increase blog traffic

Building blog communities

The best way to increase your blog traffic is to build community or you can say fan pages which will always be there, if you want to market your content to them.
By saying ‘build blog communities’, I want to say, use some top social networks. Make fan page and your blog group there and make it active. If you’ll be active then more people will follow you and you can market your content to them whenever you want to. Isn’t it awesome?
I would prefer Facebook, twitter and Google+ the most, when building our fan base as these 3 have high potential of targeted visitors which can be converted to buyers easily.
Here is a post on Sue Anne blog, regarding the Social media etiquette’s to follow to build fan base

Starting building fan base

Firstly, among all social media sites you have to keep Facebook in mind. Facebook is the largest social media site till now and maybe this’ll be the best forever. Let’s start with building your Facebook fan page audience..
  • For promotion, you have to use Facebook as your Fan page.
  • Go to some big brand pages under your blog niche, which have a tremendous number of facebook fans and have good engagement on their page.
  • Such pages, always ask question’s to their audience. Isn’t it? That is one of the reason, why the audience is active there.
  • Take part in the discussion and leave your views truthfully, the people who will like your comment will definitely follow/like your page too. They will also start participating in your facebook page discussions.
  • Doing this is not a very big task. You can think it like barter system, give quality and take followers(Though there followers and your knowledge will not fed away) ;)
Let say, you are taking part in a discussion in which 20 more people are, 6-7 people will definitely like your comment if you’re doing it in a good way or even more. By participating on pages under your niche, you will get targeted followers which will read your blog post too.
Serious Tip : When promoting your post on your page, make sure it is really awesome. Don’t share any thing which isn’t gonna help anyone.
Start building your audience from today itself otherwise you’ll cry later on. All the successful blog has great social media impact ;)
If you want to grow twitter followers, firstly follow some great and medium bloggers under your niche. Follow them and start retweeting their tweets. This will indirectly increase your twitter followers. Don’t forget to use hash-tags while posting your content.
Many bloggers will also mention you in their tweets, regarding “Thanks for the retweet”. Resulting in more and more followers by the flow of time. ;)
There are several other social networks you can use to promote your content like Google+, Pinterest etc. Do experiments and try to attract targeted people to your blog. This is the best way you can use to generate huge referral traffic to your blog.

Working on Organic Traffic

Organic traffic – Who doesn’t need it? Everybody wants to get listed in the first page of search engine and attract large amount of search engine traffic. Doing this is hard task for many. Though, it will be easiest if you will follow some rules.
Before we should continue, you can read these posts, if you don’t know about it:-
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  • How to Do Keyword research effectively
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Read these posts, to get to know more about Search engine optimization. So, let’s start with, what you can do for increasing search traffic.
Start doing keyword research for the post you are going to do next in your blog. Find some potential keywords to use in your blog post. Finding keyword isn’t everything. You should know about, using them in a proper way is the main task. Follow the strategies mentioned below to get maximum search engine traffic.
keyword research guide

Write Long post

While creating content, don’t focus on word limit much. I have experienced that blog posts having more than 700 words do good, both with search engine and your blog readers. Blog readers more likely to engage in such content instead of small piece of content.
Tips you can use to write long post:-
  • Don’t focus on word limit
  • Try to give the best out of your information to your readers
  • Give a brief introduction about your post, to your readers.
  • Add more valuable points.
That’s it, use these strategies to write long post and get it shared by others. Don’t forget to add quality while writing post otherwise no one will read it. Don’t compromise in quality, write EPIC blog posts ;)
Content is king
Recently Panda 4.1 has rolled out, my friend Bishal Biswas from Viral blog tips has written a post on the reason behind getting panda penalty. You can read about it here – Ouch! Google Panda 4.1 Penalty – Here’s What Happened

Use Keywords in your post

You have searched for some potential keywords, having high searches and less competition. They are of no use if you’ll not use them in your blog posts. Start using your keywords in several section of your blog post to start getting more search engine traffic.
A quick list of some places to use your keywords is given below:-
  • Use keyword in URL
  • Use keywords in your content, in between the post. (in such a way, that it’ll not annoy the reader)
  • Use keyword as images name.
  • Use keyword as images alt text.
  • If you are using ‘SEO by yoast’ in wordpress then put your main keyword in the section ‘Focus keyword
  • H1, H2 and H3 Tags
  • Bold and italicize your keywords
Use these several position to place your keywords and your post will be ranked easily without much link building efforts.

Do Link building

Have you worked very hard to do keyword research and writing your post. You have included the keywords wisely in your blog post, still you didn’t get the average traffic from the keyword you have targeted. This is because, you are not targeting keywords with low competition. But, still you can rank high competitive key phrases using some link building tactics which i have shared in this article – Link building secrets.
Let say, one of your post is ranking on 2nd page of google, figure out some white hat link building strategy and work on building links to that post. ;) In some days, you will see that your post is on the 1st page if you have done Link building wisely.

Creating Share-able Content

Getting shares will definitely increase your blog traffic. Ain’t it? So in this subhead, i am going to tell you some strategies which will get more social shares. Social shares can also increase your blog traffic and trust among your readers, if they will see you getting high number of shares.
Creating share-able content isn’t an easy task, but if you have the correct way to do so, then nothing is impossible. Below i am sharing, which type of posts get most social shares:-
  • Interview Related Articles
  • Expert Round-up series
  • List posts
  • Controversial Content
Now, you got which type of content is more share-able and easy to marketbut do you know how to create such content? If no, then continue reading, you will definitely learn about it today.

Taking Expert Interviews

Taking Interview of big boys in your niche is a good way you can use to multiply your traffic. If you’ll have good content then the people coming to your blog will definitely subscribe. Isn’t it?
Do you want to know, how i am taking expert interview on my new blog? Firstly i would suggest you to take a look at these Interview Articles:-
  • Interview with Harsh Agrawal from Shoutmeloud
  • Interview with Neil Patel
Many people know the art of taking expert interviews and promoting them to get good exposure. There are some, who don’t know what to do. If you’re one of those, then you’ll learn at the end of this subhead, how can you mail a expert asking for an interview and posting it on your blog ;)
Firstly, i would like to tell you while asking to experts for interview. Be polite and ask in a formal way. Maybe after seeing your impoliteness they will not prefer to give interview on your blog. Ain’t it? Share your experience, if you have any regarding this.
Use the script given below to message to the influencer you want to ask for the interview:-
Hey (Blogger Name) Sir,

I am (Your name), a blogger based in Delhi, India. i would like to interview
you and present you to my blog readers. My blog URL

I have recently interviewed some blogging icons like (Give name) and
(Give name).
I would be glad if you will be a part of it.

Looking forward for your reply.
That’s it, you are done. In 1-2 days the blogger will reply and he/she will tell you. That they have accepted your interview request. What’s next? Send over your question’s and they will give reply.
After all these process you can post the interview on your blog, be sure that after posting the interview mail them regarding “you have posted it on your blog, check it out”

Controversial Posts

Are you thinking about what i mean by writing controversial post? I mean to say, if anybody is a scammer or if anyone is really good write about them ;) This will ultimately get his/her attention to your post and more people will start following you(their followers too, if you are writing about other blogger)
Check out  this post on enstine muki’s blog where he said Adrienne Smith, Harleena Singh and 6 others are F.A.K.E bloggers! If you don’t believe me, that they are fake then do check out this post and ensure it. You’ll start thinking on it. Don’t forget to check out this post.
I don’t like to make this post more long but i have to add 6-7 more points here of traffic building which will cross 7000 words. So i think to write an ebook on Traffic and link building. What you say? I will add the expert round up point in the Ebook that i will write.  Looking forward for your thoughts. If you have any doubts, do let me know.