The Preacher’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

You might have read many posts regarding affiliate marketing and tried the strategies and what’s the result?? I don’t know whether you are a successful affiliate marketer or not but, if you are not ‘then you will surely become one after reading & implementing the strategies written in this post‘
Affiliate marketing is not for dummies who just want to read others strategies and implement those only. Instead, you should start experimenting, what I say is, read, experiment and earn.
If you wanna be a successful affiliate marketer, then you should follow some strategies which will eventually and by your hard work, lead to great income. But it should be done in the right way, the way in which your readers will become satisfied. Below i am sharing, how can you become successful affiliate marketer and start earning.
Starting with anything is really annoying and you will not secure good position in less timeEverything requires time. but once you are able to earn from affiliate then no one can stop you from doing this. Follow the strategies I’ve mentioned in this post to double your income by staying at home.
Beginners guide to affiliate marketing
So what you think, do you want to start affiliate marketing? Who know’s what will you emerge asMaybe the “Best Affiliate marketer in upcoming years” The image given below shows, what affiliate marketing actually is.
affiliate marketing beginners guide
Let’s consider you got a client to buy hosting for his/her blog and came to you regarding it. You have referred him/her to the hosting company with your affiliate link. If he will purchase the product then you will get good commission according to the affiliate platform.
But when we open our facebook account and google something, what we get is “Affiliate marketers promoting something” which makes you think that affiliate marketing has very large competition and you can’t do it. Really? Will you make your dreams go off by seeing some competition?
Affiliate marketers everywhere

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is type of marketing in which there are 2 party’s that are publishers and the companies. Publishers promotes the products of that company and get’s sale whenever some purchase the product from there affiliate link.
There are several types of affiliate marketing which are listed below:-
  • Cost Per Sale : In this, the advertiser pays the publisher every time he makes a sale.
  • Cost Per Action : The Advertiser pays the publisher whenever someone has done an action from his link. Ex:- Signing up for something.
  • Cost Per Click : An advertiser pays the publisher whenever someone clicks on the link or the banner that he has placed on his site/blog.
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions : In this case, the advertisers pays the publisher for every 1000 ad impressions on the publisher’s blog.
That doesn’t matter which one you are using, some people are getting benefit from CPS and some from CPA and there are several other using other affiliate types. It’s according to what suits you the best.

How to Start with Affiliate Marketing?

As i have said, you have to experiment to be successful. So never stop experimenting, i will tell you some ways to implement. Rest is up to you, what are you doing to promote the products.
Follow these strategies which i am using to get affiliate sales. I hope that you will like these.

Social Media Promotion

Now don’t tell me that you are doing this and it is not working. If you will do social media promotion and marketing in the right way then it will work like charm.
What you have to do is, Share good offers on your timeline, related fan pages, groups, with hash tags. There is one more affiliate secret which i should tell you about getting sales by using Social media sites.
Many social sites offer’s you an opportunity to create ad campaigns. Why don’t you getting benefit by using them? I am getting major of my affiliate sales from Facebook ad campaigns which is really a cool and easy method. What i do is target a good discount coupon of a hosting and promote it only.
Start doing this and you will get to know the power of social media soon, the day will arrive when you will get sales daily :)

Use Adwords Campaigns

Many people find it complicated, i should say the people who haven’t tried it. If you won’t believe me, then wait for a big event when the product company will offer huge discount. At that time, start Adwords campaigns with good keywords ;) and see.
Using it can be a difficult and challenging task for many, so i would recommend you all to watch videos on youtube regarding such tutorials.

Search Engine Optimization

Aha, this is the free and the most awesome way. Using proper Search engine optimization you can generate 1000 of sales and the biggest benefit is this is for long run;)
Follow the instruction given below to get awesome benefit in less time:-
  • Write a in depth review about the product on your blog
  • While writing, just keep on page seo in mind.
  • If your blog has good authority then your post will automatically start ranking in some time.
  • Otherwise, build some quality backlinks to your post. What i do is, i create 2-3 links from web 2.0 sites and my blog start ranking.
  • Get Listed in Search engines
  • Enjoy the sales. ;)

Little talk with the buyers

Finding difficulties with other strategies? Well, then this is for you. Just find a customer, in real world also you can and talk with them regarding the product. Tell them the benefits of the product and try to get a sale. This is not a method used by professional, but still if you wanna earn small money with blogging in part time then you can use this.
In the starting 2-3 months of my blogging journey, i used to do this.

What to keep in Mind?

I have told about how you can promote your product, but do you know which product should you promote? What things to keep in mind when promoting something, don’t worry. I am going to discuss about them here ;)

A Better Niche

Choosing a niche is really hard task which you are passionate about, but when it comes to choosing a profitable niche. Then it’s very simple. Just think of some niche of which you have some information about.
You can take a look at the best profitable niche of 2014
After choosing a niche which best suits you, it’s time to do product selection ;)

Product Selection

You have selected a niche on which you have brainstorming ideas, great. But what’s next? You have to select a product which your blog visitors will likeisn’t it?
Like i have a blog of blogging and seo niche, so i had wrote a post in past that is – Hostgator Coupon Code. By doing this and marketing my content i can expect good number of sales as well as you can also. So what are you waiting? I know that you are well introduced with these things but the main reason of not earning is that “You are not implementing“.
Just kick of your laziness and start working like a boss ;)

Right Strategies

Ah, you can’t get success in anything, no matter it’s online business or offline. You should have a perfect game plan which you will implement for a perfect starting and for taking it to the next level. That’s what you have to implement here, don’t think of affiliate marketing in a simple way. Think like it’s your only job to earn money for living ;) and start planning for it.
After following these words, you will definitely find a change in yourself and your online business. What you have to do is ‘Start Implementing‘

Targeting Audience

Whatever you are doing, it doesn’t matter if you are not targeting the right customers. ;) If you are starting facebook or adwords campaigns then target the right people having interests in what you are selling.
Do proper keyword optimization for SEO. For that you have to know how to do keyword research
Convinced? Leave your views in the comment section below and if not then ask your doubts related to affiliate marketingI would love to reply to all of you ;)